Talk about braces for kids
10 Tips to Help You Talk to Your Child About Braces
Time to get prepared for braces for kids. If you’ve had braces before, you know how much of an adjustment it can be. Though it is completely worth it in the end, making it easier to floss or brush your teeth, aligning your bite, or even fixing speech issues, it can take a little bit…
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Straighter teeth with adult orthodontics
Adult Orthodontics: Why It’s Never Too Late to Straighten Your Teeth
Many people associate orthodontic treatment with children and teenagers. While that is the most common age for orthodontics, adult patients can benefit as well. If you have any issues that call for orthodontic treatment, options like Invisalign and braces for adults could be the best choice you could make for your smile. Why Some Adults…
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Help your kid have good braces hygiene
3 Things To Help Your Teen Successfully Brush Around Braces
Set your teenager up for success by understanding how to care for their teeth while wearing braces. Having braces can be a life-changing event for a teen. Not only is your teen dealing with physical changes and leading a busy life with school, activities, and maybe even a job. Adding braces to the mix can…
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Early orthodontic intervention matters
Early Orthodontic Interventions Can Save Your Child a Lot of Work Later
Benefits of Early Orthodontic Care for Kids When you think of orthodontics care for kids, you probably envision traditional metal braces for children around 12 to 14 years of age. Braces for school-age kids are the most common form of pediatric orthodontic care but certainly not the only option. Early orthodontic intervention is an important…
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The Myobrace could prevent crooked teeth
Myobrace Is the Best Preventive Tool for Crooked Teeth
Why Parents Love the Myobrace System Crooked teeth, also known as malocclusion, seems to be an epidemic in children and teens. It often develops early on in childhood, but parents can educate themselves on the early warning signs and what type of treatment options can address poor oral habits triggering malocclusion.  Early orthodontic treatment is…
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Invisalign vs. braces
Invisalign: How to Get Straight Teeth Without Braces
A Discreet Alternative to Braces Gaining a smile that you love through orthodontic treatment can change countless seemingly small aspects of your everyday life. It improves the health of your smile while helping you find self-confidence, changing the way you think about yourself and interact with others. But for many years, it was getting to…
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Orthodontic expanders for a narrow jaw
How Orthodontic Expanders Benefit a Child’s Narrow Jaw
Set your child up for oral health success using early orthodontics. As parents, it’s natural to want to set your children up for the best possible start in life. When it comes to dentistry, one of the best ways you can do this is with early orthodontics. When you take your child for their early…
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Breaking down the Pros and Cons of Traditional Braces vs. Invisalign
We have patients come in every day expressing an interest in straightening their teeth. Sometimes, we as clinicians are the ones who make the suggestion based on malocclusion, issues with crowding, or for more dentally necessary concerns and not so much for cosmetic reasons. While the cosmetic results are appealing to the patient, the goal…
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3 Reasons Why Wearing Your Retainer is Super Important
Remember all those visits to the orthodontist when you wished your braces would come off sooner than later? Surprise! If you thought you were done with the braces life for good, it’s time to burst your bubble. Retainers are small devices that keep your teeth aligned after your braces are removed because it takes up…
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Invisalign for Kids: Yay or Nay?
As a parent, you may have faced resistance from your children about getting braces. They fear being made fun of and called names like “metalhead” and that’s completely understandable. Invisalign treatment consists of a series of clear plastic trays developed and customized for your children’s teeth using 3D technology. With Invisalign, your child won’t have…
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