The Power of Technology: 6 Ways the iTero Scanner Revolutionizes Dental Impressions

New technology makes dental impressions a breeze.

What are dental impressions?

Dental impressions allow dentists to create detailed models of your mouth to guide various treatments. For example, full-arch models provide essential insights into how your dental arches fit together. Restorative treatments like crowns and veneers use impressions to determine how thin or thick the restoration needs to be and to make sure the bite lines up correctly. The traditional process involves gooey substances and uncomfortable impression trays. 

However, the iTero intraoral scanner is changing the entire process—for patients and dentists. This innovative technology transforms the dental impression experience into one that’s faster, more precise, and surprisingly comfortable. In this article, we’ll explore the power of the iTero scanner, exploring 6 remarkable ways it revolutionizes dental impressions and elevates dental practices to new heights.

The Evolution of Dental Impressions

The three primary impression types are preliminary, final, and bite registration. Dentists take preliminary impressions for things like study models to aid in planning, whereas they use final impressions to create dental restorations. Bite registration impressions are additional smaller impressions that illustrate how your upper and lower teeth fit together.

Traditional impressions involve either dental putty or alginate. Both methods required placing material-filled trays over your teeth, from which dentists or dental labs then create molds of the teeth. In contrast, digital impressions use a handheld wand to capture thousands of images and render them into a 3D representation. Additionally, dentists can send these files straight to dental labs electronically, eliminating the need for physical molds altogether.

Dentistry has evolved tremendously in the impression arena, with the iTero scanner leading the way. This innovative device employs parallel confocal imaging, blending optical and laser scanning for accurate digital models every time. The iTero scanner enhances patient experiences with speed, reliability, and outstanding visualization. Full-arch scans can take as little as 60 seconds each, transforming the dental-impression process. Integrating 3D imaging and scanners like iTero saves time and improves precision for more comfortable and more efficient visits. 

6 Benefits of the iTero Scanner

Uncomfortable impressions that leave patients gagging are no longer the standard. The iTero scanner replaces the physical putty and tray with a single digital wand. Its advantages extend beyond comfort, offering a range of benefits that revolutionize the entire dental experience. Let’s take a look at the 6 key advantages that make iTero a game-changer in modern dentistry.

1. Precision

The iTero’s high-tech imaging dental technology provides detailed and accurate scans, enhancing the precision of dental impressions. This precision is crucial for crafting tailored treatment plans and well-fitting restorations.

2. Comfort

Bid farewell to traditional putty molds. With iTero, patients experience a more comfortable process. Dental professionals simply guide the digital handheld wand slowly around the mouth to capture thousands of images. This swift, noninvasive approach eliminates the need for gooey substances.

3. Reduced Chair Time

Time is a valuable asset for both patients and practitioners. The iTero scanner streamlines the impression process, allowing for full-mouth scans within minutes. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall patient experience.

4. Invisalign Integration

The iTero system’s compatibility with Invisalign demonstrates its impressive versatility. The scanner’s precision produces accurate 3D models that seamlessly integrate with Invisalign, quickly providing patients with tailored orthodontic solutions.

5. Connectivity

The capabilities of the iTero scanner go beyond image capture. For one, iTero allows dentists to seamlessly communicate with dental labs. Additionally, this technology plays well with in-house crown-fabrication equipment and aids in implant placement. This interconnectivity is key in optimizing the complete dental workflow, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process for dental professionals.

6. Enhanced Visualization

The scanner’s outstanding visualization capabilities empower practitioners to communicate and plan treatments more effectively with patients, fostering a collaborative approach to dental care.

In essence, the iTero Scanner transforms the dental-impression experience, making it precise, comfortable, and efficient. It’s not just a tool; it’s a technological leap forward in delivering optimal patient care.

Revolutionizing Dental Impressions With the iTero Scanner

With every update, iTero changes the approach to dental impressions for the better, both for dental professionals and patients. The iTero’s advanced imaging technology ensures precise scans, crucial for personalized treatment plans, while its ease of use allows for unparalleled comfort and reduced char time. Seamless integration into general dentistry provides a technological edge for your family dentist near Virginia Beach. 

For a modern dental experience, choose a dental practice that uses iTero—the catalyst for precise, comfortable, and efficient impressions. Experience the difference at King Dental; schedule your appointment today.

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