What Is a Myobrace? How You Can Straighten Your Smile Naturally

Benefits of the Myobrace.

Orthodontic treatment can be a highly contentious issue. Children would rather avoid uncomfortable and conspicuous braces, and parents are often less than thrilled with the total cost of treatment. Myobrace is an early orthodontic treatment that could be the best option to straighten your child’s smile while avoiding traditional braces.

Understanding Myobrace: An alternative orthodontic approach for your child.

Myobrace differs from traditional braces and other orthodontic treatments in a few key ways. First, it is primarily a preventive treatment. It isn’t used to correct issues once they’ve developed, but instead addresses the root causes early in your child’s development, typically before the age of 12.

It focuses not just on tooth and jaw alignment but also on habits that can affect your child’s speech, breathing, and overall quality of life. Myobrace can effectively amend irregular swallowing and breathing, as it trains the jaw and facial muscles to perform those activities properly.

With Myobrace, children only have to wear the removable orthodontic appliance for a few hours during the day and also overnight. They also have simple exercises to carry out to help train their muscles. Overall, this unique approach can provide a straighter smile, correct jaw development, and a resolution for a variety of habits.

The Benefits of Myobrace

If your child needs teeth straightened or a solution for other oral development issues, then Myobrace offers a variety of benefits. These advantages make this early orthodontic treatment preferable to other orthodontics treatment options in many cases.

Myobrace is a non-invasive solution that supports natural alignment and jaw development. It exerts only light forces and is fully removable, making it easy for your child to use correctly. There’s no need for the frequent appointments and tightening adjustments that come with braces.

The treatment also provides long-lasting results by addressing the root cause of oral development issues. It doesn’t just repair damage afterward, but deals with the actual problem at hand. This greatly reduces the risk of post-treatment relapse.

Myobrace does more than just straighten misaligned teeth, though. It can also improve your child’s breathing. Muscle training instills the habit of breathing through the nose and can help prevent airway dysfunction.

Your child will enjoy similar health benefits when it comes to eating. Myobrace helps strengthen the muscles required to swallow correctly, along with supporting jaw and arch development. This can help ensure that your child is getting all the nutrients from the food they eat.

Cost is another area where Myobrace is preferable to other options. Early orthodontic intervention can help your child avoid the need for more expensive braces in the future.

Children are also much more comfortable with Myobrace than they are with traditional braces. The oral appliances themselves are comfortable to wear and are primarily worn overnight and for just a few hours during the day. This keeps children from having to deal with the inconvenience of braces and lets them avoid wearing oral appliances at school.

The Myobrace Process: How it works.

So how exactly will your child’s Myobrace treatment work? The first step is to identify the need for it. If you’ve been keeping up with routine dental appointments every six months, your child’s dentist should notice any signs of developmental issues. They may recommend Myobrace to nip them in the bud.

An assessment for Myobrace suitability will focus on tooth and jaw development, along with muscle habits. If your child has issues breathing, incorrect tongue posture, trouble swallowing, or other issues, This could be the best treatment option. Your child will receive an oral appliance, along with muscle exercise instructions.

Myobrace treatment has several stages, with the first being habit correction. After that point, your dentist may recommend moving on to arch development and dental alignment treatment. These stages use separate oral appliances that guide development, although they are similar in appearance and feel to the first stage.

Your child will have follow-up assessments to monitor their progress and make sure everything is going to plan. Once complete, your child will have a retainer that ensures retention, prevents relapse, and reinforces muscle habits. This can prevent the need for a permanent retainer, which is often required after braces.

Choosing Myobrace for your child’s optimal smile.

Is your child starting to show signs of crooked teeth, improper jaw alignment, or breathing issues? If so, treatment with Myobrace could be the best path forward. You can avoid the need for orthodontic treatment, such as braces, while ensuring healthy development.

You can find out more about this treatment and whether it’s right for your child by visiting your trusted dental office in Virginia Beach. Schedule a consultation at King Dental today to take a proactive approach to your child’s oral health and development.

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