Month: January 2024

Dental implants vs. bridges
Dental Implants vs. Bridges: Best Cases for Each Option
Which is better: a bridge or an implant? When a patient loses a tooth, they must first determine if they want to replace the tooth. It is important to replace it for the sake of the overall dentition. This brings us to an important question: What is the best replacement option? There is no cut-and-dry…
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Wisdom teeth facts.
10 Fun (and Not-So-Fun) Facts About Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom Teeth: A Rite of Passage For most of our lives, we are concerned about the potential risks of losing our teeth. However, as we reach young adulthood, there is a period where we have the opposite problem and instead we find ourselves with too many teeth. As outlandish as it sounds, that’s basically what…
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Benefits of the Myobrace.
What Is a Myobrace? How You Can Straighten Your Smile Naturally
Orthodontic treatment can be a highly contentious issue. Children would rather avoid uncomfortable and conspicuous braces, and parents are often less than thrilled with the total cost of treatment. Myobrace is an early orthodontic treatment that could be the best option to straighten your child’s smile while avoiding traditional braces. Understanding Myobrace: An alternative orthodontic…
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