Month: April 2023

You can beat dental anxiety
How To Conquer Dental Anxiety and Get the Dental Treatment You Need
What you should know about dental anxiety.  Dental anxiety is genuine and more prevalent than many realize, affecting about 36% of the population. And unfortunately, many people forego their visits to the dentist because of their fears. Doing so puts them at greater risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and other health issues. But with…
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What dental hygiene products do you / should you use?
How to Pick The Ideal Dental Hygiene Products for Your Smile
How do you choose the dental hygiene products that will actually benefit your smile? While the basics of good oral homecare may seem like common sense to patients, the reality is that more often than not, patients do not understand how to best choose from the products in the overwhelming and overpopulated dental products section…
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Help your kid have good braces hygiene
3 Things To Help Your Teen Successfully Brush Around Braces
Set your teenager up for success by understanding how to care for their teeth while wearing braces. Having braces can be a life-changing event for a teen. Not only is your teen dealing with physical changes and leading a busy life with school, activities, and maybe even a job. Adding braces to the mix can…
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