General Dentistry

Early intervention orthodontics for kids.
What Is Early Intervention Orthodontics?
The Main Goal of Early Intervention Orthodontics You’ve undoubtedly noticed that there are many more elementary-aged children wearing braces now than there were 20 years ago. There is a very good reason for this: early intervention orthodontics (EIO). The objective of EIO is to shorten the overall length of orthodontic treatment, which may otherwise need…
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New technology makes dental impressions a breeze.
The Power of Technology: 6 Ways the iTero Scanner Revolutionizes Dental Impressions
What are dental impressions? Dental impressions allow dentists to create detailed models of your mouth to guide various treatments. For example, full-arch models provide essential insights into how your dental arches fit together. Restorative treatments like crowns and veneers use impressions to determine how thin or thick the restoration needs to be and to make…
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Effects of Fosamax on your dental work.
Fosamax and Dental Work: What You Need To Know
How does Fosamax affect my dental work? If you’re older and taking (or about to start taking) medications such as Fosamax, it’s important that you tell your dentist. It could make the difference between a speedy recovery from dental work and one riddled with complications. What are bisphosphonates? Bisphosphonates are a class of prescription medications…
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Wisdom teeth facts.
10 Fun (and Not-So-Fun) Facts About Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom Teeth: A Rite of Passage For most of our lives, we are concerned about the potential risks of losing our teeth. However, as we reach young adulthood, there is a period where we have the opposite problem and instead we find ourselves with too many teeth. As outlandish as it sounds, that’s basically what…
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Nightguards can help with bruxism.
How Nightguards Preserve Your Smile (and Your Wallet)
Understanding Bruxism’s Impact on Your Smile Occlusal guards, more commonly known as nightguards, are the most underutilized and most misunderstood devices in dentistry. To truly appreciate their benefits, one must first understand the extensive damage that bruxism, or teeth grinding, can cause.  Wouldn’t I know whether I grind my teeth? “I don’t grind my teeth.…
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Keep your mouth healthy and protect your oral health.
5 Common Dental Problems and How to Avoid Them
Tips to Maintain a Healthy Mouth Maintaining good oral health is not just vital for a radiant smile, but it’s also crucial for overall wellness. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a myriad of problems, including tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss, to name a few. Unfortunately, these issues are far more common than…
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Your oral health can affect your overall health.
The Link Between Oral Health and Overall Health: 6 Things You Should Know
When oral health is on your mind, most people think of things like cavities—things that affect their teeth and gum tissue, at least—rarely (if ever) connecting the condition of their mouths to their overall well-being.  However, the mouth is the primary portal of entry for both necessary oxygen and the nutrients the body needs to…
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Take care of your oral health.
Feed Your Smile: 10 Ways Nutrition Impacts Your Oral Health
Eating Well for a Healthy Smile Eating well is much more than just satisfying your hunger. A balanced diet is a powerful tool that not only keeps your body healthy but also plays a vital role in maintaining your oral health. When combined with healthy oral care habits and regular checkups, a healthy diet can…
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Dental checklist for your child's oral health.
Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy This School Year: A Dental Checklist
Don’t panic! The school year is coming! There are many signs the school year is quickly approaching. The stores open up a dedicated station just for school supplies, the slightly overwhelming supply list for your kiddo’s school comes out, and a mixed sense of dread and excitement seems to worm its way into the household.…
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Wisdom teeth recovery
Wisdom Teeth: How to Ensure an Effective Recovery
Never fear! Your wisdom teeth are here! The idea of getting your wisdom teeth removed can be a little scary. Whether you’ve heard stories from your friends, or have never had a procedure done before, it can be hard to wrap your head around it. But never fear! It’s very common for a person to…
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