Month: May 2023

Family activities in Virginia Beach
Planning Some Family-Friendly Fun This Summer? 10 Kid-Friendly Activities in Virginia Beach
Time to explore! Summertime can be a relief for some, and a curse for others. Your little ones are home, instantly claiming they are “bored” and you feel like you are about to lose your mind. Sometimes, a little planning is all that is needed to help alleviate a few of those boredom days. Making…
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Immediate implants as a smile makeover option
Thinking About Immediate Implants for Your Smile Makeover? Here’s What to Expect
If you’re considering a smile makeover with dental implants, you may have heard of “immediate implants.” Unlike traditional implants that require a waiting period to integrate with the jawbone, immediate implants are placed directly after tooth extraction. You can leave the dental office with a new tooth, or teeth, all on the same day. But…
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Magnification in dentistry
Enhancing Precision: The Amazing Role of Magnification in Dentistry
Two Primary Forms of Dental Magnification Magnification allows dentistry to be practiced at a more refined level. While magnification has existed in dentistry for over 150 years, its application today is very different than it once was. Two of the most common forms of dental magnification are loupes and microscopes.  The Crucial Role of Loupes…
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