Adult Orthodontics: Why It’s Never Too Late to Straighten Your Teeth

Straighter teeth with adult orthodontics

Many people associate orthodontic treatment with children and teenagers. While that is the most common age for orthodontics, adult patients can benefit as well. If you have any issues that call for orthodontic treatment, options like Invisalign and braces for adults could be the best choice you could make for your smile.

Why Some Adults May Need Orthodontic Treatment

While orthodontic treatment is more common in younger patients, more adults than ever are taking advantage of traditional braces and Invisalign to straighten their smiles. While the attitude around adult orthodontics has changed to allow more patients to choose treatment, there has always been a need for this essential care.

One of the most common reasons adults seek out orthodontic treatment is that they needed it when they were children. Bite issues, malocclusion, crowding, and other problems may have been overlooked due to a lack of routine dental care. Orthodontic treatment may have also been unaffordable for their families.

However, those problems don’t simply go away in adulthood. In fact, they become worse over time. Orthodontic issues can cause wear and damage to your teeth, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Jaw pain is another common symptom of untreated orthodontic issues.

Addressing these issues is vital to your oral health. Whether you have orthodontic problems from childhood or have developed new ones in adulthood, seeking out adult orthodontics is the best choice you can make.

The Benefits of Adult Orthodontics

Seeking out orthodontic treatment as an adult provides a wide range of benefits. While it is generally preferable to treat orthodontic issues in children while the teeth and jaw are still developing, adult orthodontic treatment still produces excellent outcomes in adult patients.

First, you’ll greatly improve your oral health. Proper spacing and alignment of your teeth allow for better oral hygiene. With fewer unreachable nooks and crannies, bacteria can’t grow so easily.

Proper alignment also prevents wear and reduces the risk of damage to your teeth. When your teeth sit together properly, no single tooth bears all the pressure. If your teeth are crooked or misaligned, they can rub against each other or impact when you open and close your mouth, causing permanent damage.

Resolving orthodontic issues can also alleviate symptoms related to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. The pressure and strain caused by improper alignment put stress on the joint that opens and closes your mouth. This can cause chronic pain, along with other symptoms.

Dealing with these issues today through orthodontic treatment can save you a lot of trouble down the line. Wear, decay, and disease could see you lose teeth in the long run. You could find yourself in need of more invasive and expensive treatment options if you don’t act to save your smile now.

A straighter smile can boost your confidence as well. Your smile is the first thing that people notice about you, so you don’t want to hide it from the world. With an even and balanced smile, you can make great first impressions and show joy and laughter freely.

Adult Orthodontic Treatment Options

There are more options than ever before for adult orthodontics. Today, most orthodontic issues can be treated effectively using traditional braces or Invisalign clear aligners. The right treatment for your case depends on the specific issue at hand and your personal preference.

Both traditional braces and Invisalign treat a wide range of issues, including crooked teeth, malocclusion, crowding, and bite issues. While Invisalign can treat almost all cases that braces can, there are some complex issues that only braces can deal with. Braces can apply pressure to your teeth to adjust your smile in additional ways.

In most cases, you’ll have a choice between the two. Many adults choose Invisalign because it is inconspicuous and considered more comfortable. The rise of clear aligners has played a major role in the growth of adult orthodontic treatment. They’re less noticeable than braces and can be taken out to eat and brush your teeth.

However, that doesn’t mean that Invisalign is always the obvious choice. Cost and insurance are factors to consider when making your decision. You also have additional instructions to follow. If you take your aligners out too often or don’t care for them properly, you won’t make any progress.

The best way to find out whether traditional braces or Invisalign are right for you is to speak with your dentist about your options.

Improve Your Smile at Any Age

If you have crooked or crowded teeth or bite issues, seeking out an occlusion-based dentist to review your orthodontic treatment options could be the right choice at any age. King Dental is your family dentist near Virginia Beach for both traditional braces and Invisalign, so schedule a consultation today to find the treatment that best suits you.

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