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Effects of Fosamax on your dental work.

Fosamax and Dental Work: What You Need To Know

How does Fosamax affect my dental work? If you’re older and taking (or about to start taking) medications such as Fosamax, it’s important that you tell your dentist. It could make the difference between a speedy recovery from dental work and one riddled with complications. What are bisphosphonates? Bisphosphonates are a class of prescription medications…
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Dental implant surgery after care.

Best Practices for Maintaining Oral Health After Dental Implant Surgery

Top Tips for a Healthy Smile Post-surgery Dental implants have revolutionized the field of dentistry, providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution to missing teeth. However, while dental implants are designed to replicate natural teeth, they require some special considerations post-surgery to ensure their longevity and to maintain your overall oral health. Today’s blog post…
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Dental implants vs. bridges

Dental Implants vs. Bridges: Best Cases for Each Option

Which is better: a bridge or an implant? When a patient loses a tooth, they must first determine if they want to replace the tooth. It is important to replace it for the sake of the overall dentition. This brings us to an important question: What is the best replacement option? There is no cut-and-dry…
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Wisdom teeth facts.

10 Fun (and Not-So-Fun) Facts About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth: A Rite of Passage For most of our lives, we are concerned about the potential risks of losing our teeth. However, as we reach young adulthood, there is a period where we have the opposite problem and instead we find ourselves with too many teeth. As outlandish as it sounds, that’s basically what…
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Benefits of the Myobrace.

What Is a Myobrace? How You Can Straighten Your Smile Naturally

Orthodontic treatment can be a highly contentious issue. Children would rather avoid uncomfortable and conspicuous braces, and parents are often less than thrilled with the total cost of treatment. Myobrace is an early orthodontic treatment that could be the best option to straighten your child’s smile while avoiding traditional braces. Understanding Myobrace: An alternative orthodontic…
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Understanding root canal therapy.

Demystifying Endodontics: 5 Things to Know About Root Canal Therapy

Hearing “root canal” might make anyone cringe, thinking about pain. But hold on—modern dentistry has transformed root canals into something entirely different. In this article, we’re diving into the world of endodontics.  We’ll explain what a root canal is and share five essential things you need to know. Get ready to demystify the dreaded root…
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Dental implants are the best solution.

Then and Now: Why Dental Implants Are a Superior Solution for Your Smile

Dental implants have come a long way, changing the game for smiles everywhere. These tiny titanium wonders have a fascinating history, and today, they’re the go-to solution for replacing missing teeth.  In this article, we’ll explore the evolution of dental implants and why they are the best choice for restoring your smile. Get ready to…
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Nightguards can help with bruxism.

How Nightguards Preserve Your Smile (and Your Wallet)

Understanding Bruxism’s Impact on Your Smile Occlusal guards, more commonly known as nightguards, are the most underutilized and most misunderstood devices in dentistry. To truly appreciate their benefits, one must first understand the extensive damage that bruxism, or teeth grinding, can cause.  Wouldn’t I know whether I grind my teeth? “I don’t grind my teeth.…
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Know the benefits of orthodontic treatment.

Why Straight Teeth Are More Than Just Cosmetic

Benefits of Orthodontic Care Orthodontic treatment is often perceived as a purely aesthetic endeavor, a way to attain the coveted straight, picture-perfect smile. But what if we told you there’s so much more to it than meets the eye? The truth is choosing to correct misaligned teeth with options like braces or Invisalign goes beyond…
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Keep your mouth healthy and protect your oral health.

5 Common Dental Problems and How to Avoid Them

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Mouth Maintaining good oral health is not just vital for a radiant smile, but it’s also crucial for overall wellness. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a myriad of problems, including tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss, to name a few. Unfortunately, these issues are far more common than…
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Your oral health can affect your overall health.

The Link Between Oral Health and Overall Health: 6 Things You Should Know

When oral health is on your mind, most people think of things like cavities—things that affect their teeth and gum tissue, at least—rarely (if ever) connecting the condition of their mouths to their overall well-being.  However, the mouth is the primary portal of entry for both necessary oxygen and the nutrients the body needs to…
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Best teeth whitening treatments.

The Benefits of In-Office Whitening vs. At-Home Whitening Treatments

Not entirely happy with the shade of your smile? Whether you want to prepare for a big event, improve your confidence in your career and social life, or simply stop worrying when sharing your smile, you’re far from alone. Teeth whitening is among the most common cosmetic dentistry treatments, and you can achieve stunning results…
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