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Talk about braces for kids

10 Tips to Help You Talk to Your Child About Braces

Time to get prepared for braces for kids. If you’ve had braces before, you know how much of an adjustment it can be. Though it is completely worth it in the end, making it easier to floss or brush your teeth, aligning your bite, or even fixing speech issues, it can take a little bit…
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Dental checklist for your child's oral health.

Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy This School Year: A Dental Checklist

Don’t panic! The school year is coming! There are many signs the school year is quickly approaching. The stores open up a dedicated station just for school supplies, the slightly overwhelming supply list for your kiddo’s school comes out, and a mixed sense of dread and excitement seems to worm its way into the household.…
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What is dental botox used for?

Your Top 4 Questions About Dental Botox and Its Applications

1. What is dental Botox and how does it work? Otherwise known as Botox, botulinum toxin A was introduced to the market for cosmetic use. It is minimally invasive and is used to treat not only cosmetic imperfections such as fine lines and wrinkles but also muscle spasms and tension headaches.  Botox is paralytic. When…
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How to deal with stained teeth.

The Top Foods and Drinks That Stain Your Teeth

Stains Happen Sometimes, tooth discoloration happens. At times it can be caused by factors, such as aging. Other times, it can be from an accident, or even a previous lifestyle. But did you know that stained teeth can also be caused by the foods we eat every day? Even though staining can sometimes be unavoidable, it…
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Wisdom teeth recovery

Wisdom Teeth: How to Ensure an Effective Recovery

Never fear! Your wisdom teeth are here! The idea of getting your wisdom teeth removed can be a little scary. Whether you’ve heard stories from your friends, or have never had a procedure done before, it can be hard to wrap your head around it. But never fear! It’s very common for a person to…
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Fluoride toothpaste can help sensitive teeth

Conquering Tooth Sensitivity: What To Look for in a Fluoridated Toothpaste

More Than Cavity Prevention: Other Uses of Fluoride Patients often believe that fluoride exists purely for the sake of preventing cavities, and while this is partially true, it is a bit more complex than that.  At its origin, fluoridated toothpaste’s primary goal was cavity control. Over the years, toothpaste has become far more specific in…
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Straighter teeth with adult orthodontics

Adult Orthodontics: Why It’s Never Too Late to Straighten Your Teeth

Many people associate orthodontic treatment with children and teenagers. While that is the most common age for orthodontics, adult patients can benefit as well. If you have any issues that call for orthodontic treatment, options like Invisalign and braces for adults could be the best choice you could make for your smile. Why Some Adults…
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You can beat dental anxiety

The Science of Dental Anxiety: How to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

It’s time to conquer the fear! Unfortunately, dental anxiety, or dental phobia, is quite common. Sometimes it is brought on by past traumatic experiences, other times, it is due to a fear of needles. There are many different reasons why someone could be nervous, or downright scared to go to their regular scheduled dental visits.…
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Family activities in Virginia Beach

Planning Some Family-Friendly Fun This Summer? 10 Kid-Friendly Activities in Virginia Beach

Time to explore! Summertime can be a relief for some, and a curse for others. Your little ones are home, instantly claiming they are “bored” and you feel like you are about to lose your mind. Sometimes, a little planning is all that is needed to help alleviate a few of those boredom days. Making…
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Immediate implants as a smile makeover option

Thinking About Immediate Implants for Your Smile Makeover? Here’s What to Expect

If you’re considering a smile makeover with dental implants, you may have heard of “immediate implants.” Unlike traditional implants that require a waiting period to integrate with the jawbone, immediate implants are placed directly after tooth extraction. You can leave the dental office with a new tooth, or teeth, all on the same day. But…
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Magnification in dentistry

Enhancing Precision: The Amazing Role of Magnification in Dentistry

Two Primary Forms of Dental Magnification Magnification allows dentistry to be practiced at a more refined level. While magnification has existed in dentistry for over 150 years, its application today is very different than it once was. Two of the most common forms of dental magnification are loupes and microscopes.  The Crucial Role of Loupes…
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You can beat dental anxiety

How To Conquer Dental Anxiety and Get the Dental Treatment You Need

What you should know about dental anxiety.  Dental anxiety is genuine and more prevalent than many realize, affecting about 36% of the population. And unfortunately, many people forego their visits to the dentist because of their fears. Doing so puts them at greater risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and other health issues. But with…
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