3 Reasons Why Wearing Your Retainer is Super Important

Remember all those visits to the orthodontist when you wished your braces would come off sooner than later?


If you thought you were done with the braces life for good, it’s time to burst your bubble. Retainers are small devices that keep your teeth aligned after your braces are removed because it takes up to a year or more for the ligaments to become permanent.

What are the different types of Retainers?

The next step in your orthodontic journey is to wear a retainer. It’s up to you to choose which type of retainer is more convenient for you. Here are your options.

  • Permanent bonded:This type of retainer is glued to the back of the lower front teeth. This might be a solution for six months after which you can move on to either the Essix or the Hawley retainer.
  • Essix: This kind of retainer is similar in appearance to an Invisalign alignment brace and is made of clear plastic.
  • Hawley:This retainer is made of wire with acrylics or in some cases, with plastic. The acrylic mold is made to fit inside the mouth and a wire pushes the front teeth back.

While all these types have their individual pros and cons, it’s important to remind yourself to wear your retainer at all times. Here are all the reasons you need!

They keep your teeth stable

Braces help change the placement of your ligaments and bones in the mouth so that crooked teeth can become straighter. This is possible due to the flexible structure in the mouth. After removing braces, you need something to keep the teeth in position so they don’t shift further.

It’s now a part of your oral hygiene

Just like brushing your teeth regularly or flossing, wearing your retainer regularly is important to our oral hygiene. It might be uncomfortable in the beginning but it will help you keep your oral health in check. You’re more likely to be vigilant about keeping your teeth healthy overall.

Get value for your money

You invested a lot of hours lying on the dentist’s chair for your treatment, as well as money. Not to mention the energy that goes into staying still while you get your teeth cleaned. Was it not a long and arduous process? Do you want it to go to waste? Of course not! Retainers help you keep your smile intact for a longer period of time!

If you’re thinking about getting orthodontic treatment for straighter teeth, you can visit us for a consultation! Dr. King’s Family Dentistry is one of the leading dentists in Virginia Beach. Contact us for more information.

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