All You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are so called because they are one of the last teeth to come in, probably between seventeen and twenty-one years of age. There are two sets of two on both the top and bottom and the last four teeth to complete a set of adult teeth. However, over the years, with a change in the kind of preferred diet, the importance of wisdom teeth has declined.

This is also the reason why not everyone has an equal number of wisdom teeth. Approximately, 2% of people don’t get them at all. Others tend to have ones that grow irregularly and don’t have enough room to make it out of the gum. Hence, a tooth extraction needs to be made. This is a very common procedure and around ten million people in the United States alone get their wisdom tooth removed.

Signs you need an extraction

There are a number of reasons apart from an impacted wisdom tooth that require an extraction. Tooth pain caused by wisdom teeth is the most common reason for American adults to seek emergency dental care.

  • Those with wisdom teeth in the incorrect position can trap food inside and attract bacteria to grow and thrive there. This leads to the formation of cavities, some of which can be deeply embedded and cause infection, swelling, stiffness and a lot of pain.
  • Wisdom teeth that don’t come in regularly can cause difficulties in maintaining good oral hygiene. It can be difficult to floss between the teeth and the neighboring molars.
  • They can also cause crowding in the mouth and damage other teeth. Leaving the teeth can lead to abrasion inside your mouth.
  • Impacted teeth can cause cysts to be formed and damage the roots and bones of the surrounding teeth as well.

Regular visits to the dentist will allow you to monitor the growth of your wisdom teeth. If you experience any of the situations described above, seek help from a professional to get your tooth extracted.

How to prepare yourself for the extraction?

  • Discuss the procedure with your dentist or surgeon and determine if you even need the procedure. You can ask them all about the risks involved in the procedure. You can also ask general questions about the procedure if it’s your first time getting it done. This will help you be more at ease with this standard procedure and help you lead a pain-free life.
  • Most procedures do not require you to stay overnight, which means you should be prepared to go home the same day. However, you should make sure that someone is available to drive you after the surgery as you will most likely be unable to.
  • Ask beforehand if you need to fast before the procedure or if you should avoid eating certain foods. If you are taking any medication, get them approved by your dentist.

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