Whiten Your Teeth 12 Shades Lighter in 16 Minutes

Ways to whiten your teeth

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so everyone recognizes the importance of a bright and welcoming smile. However, many people aren’t fully satisfied with theirs. Luckily, there’s a wide range of ways out there to whiten your teeth, and you can choose the best  treatment to refresh your smile.

The Most Accessible Option to Whiten Your Teeth

Ask just about anyone, and you’ll find that they wouldn’t mind making a few improvements to their smile. Cosmetic dentistry provides a variety of methods to do so, and teeth whitening is among the easiest, fastest, and most affordable treatments to make a major difference in your smile.

There are many different ways you might take issue with your smile. Discoloration is among the most common, which is a big part of why teeth whitening is one of the most sought-after cosmetic dentistry treatments. However, you could also feel that your teeth are misshapen, misaligned, cracked, chipped, or otherwise not quite right.

Dealing with these kinds of issues requires planning a treatment option for your unique needs that could include veneers, crowns, or orthodontic treatment. These treatments deliver great results but take longer and have higher costs than teeth whitening.

In some cases, there’s an overlap in improving the appearance of your smile and taking care of your long-term oral health. If this is the case, you should certainly go through with the other treatment options you need.

However, if you’re simply looking to improve the appearance of your smile and want to do so noticeably, quickly, and affordably, then teeth whitening is likely the best cosmetic treatment option for you.

Find the option to whiten your teeth.

If you’re looking for the best teeth whitening option to realize your brighter smile, you could find yourself overwhelmed by the options out there. Whitening toothpaste, strips, over-the-counter kits, and professional in-office whitening are all great options, but which delivers the best results?

Whitening toothpaste and strips seem like convenient options for teeth whitening in Virginia Beach. However, you could find yourself less than impressed with the final results. 

Not only do these methods only manage to deliver moderate whitening, but they may only deliver those results over an extended period of time, ranging from weeks to months.

You can also find over-the-counter whitening kits. These use a whitening agent and trays to provide faster and more powerful whitening. But over-the-counter options are only so effective.

You can ask your cosmetic dentist in Virginia Beach about take-home kits as well. These work on the same principles as over-the-counter kits but can contain a more powerful whitening agent because they’re prescribed by a dentist.

Take-home kits can provide noticeable results, but there’s another option if you want to really see a difference in one day. In-office whitening delivers results over the course of a single visit to your dentist’s office.

Professional whitening uses a variety of methods, including stronger whitening agents that require professional application and UV light activation for even more pronounced results.

Maximize the brightness of your smile.

King Dental provides two different in-office whitening systems that can provide you with a brighter smile in just one visit. You can choose from GLO Science and Zoom teeth whitening, or take advantage of our take-home whitening kits.

GLO Science is an incredible whitening treatment that you can only access at a dentist’s office. This treatment involves the use of a powerful whitening agent and UV light activation to deliver incredible results in just minutes. A single 16-minute session can brighten your teeth by up to 12 shades.

We also offer Zoom teeth whitening, a well-established whitening system that can have your teeth up to 8 shades whiter with a 45-minute treatment session. Zoom is a comfortable treatment that delivers powerful whitening with little to no sensitivity.

Both of our in-office whitening options are safe and effective. You simply walk into our office and leave with a brighter smile that very day. You can make the most of your new-found smile by avoiding drinks that cause stains, such as coffee, wine, soda, and others.

If you find yourself dissatisfied with the brightness of your smile again down the line, you can simply have another treatment to brighten your teeth again. Many patients seek out whitening treatment from time to time, whether in-office or with our take-home kits.

Get a brighter smile today!

Whether you’re interested in GLO Science or Zoom in-office whitening, or convenient take-home kits, King Dental can help you brighten your smile. To find the best option for you, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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