Treat Cavities without Drilling and Erase White Spots from Teeth with Icon

Do you suffer from unsightly white spots on your teeth? Do you have a cavity that your dentist says may eventually need a filling? Finally, there is a new way to treat early cavities and remove white spots WITHOUT drilling, numbing or needles!

This revolutionary treatment option (Icon) stops decay if caught early, and removes the unsightly white spots left behind by orthodontic treatment (braces).

What is Icon?

Icon is a procedure that uses resin infiltration to treat the lesion. It requires no drilling or anesthesia. Healthy tooth structure is preserved, and white spots are completely removed or are greatly lessened. By not drilling into a tooth, the life expectancy of the tooth can be prolonged.

Halting Cavities

Icon is wonderful because it halts early cavities in their tracks. Cavities that form between the teeth due to insufficient flossing can also be treated with Icon, assuming that the decay has not progressed too far into the dentin of the tooth. While the decay is not actually removed, Icon essentially entombs the decay so it cannot spread (think of the fly in amber example from science class).

Erasing White Spots

In the case of the patient who has white spots on his or her teeth, the Icon penetrates demineralized enamel and fades the appearance of these spots. White spots may be present due to congenital enamel defects, often caused by trauma or infection during tooth development. These spots sometimes form at no fault of the patient.

Spots may also be the result of the breakdown of the enamel caused by prolonged exposure to a plaque on the tooth.

Patients often believe that teeth whitening will remove white spots. The opposite is actually true.  White spots often look worse after bleaching because the disparity in tooth color is heightened.  However, whitening in conjunction with Icon can provide optimum results. White spot lesions treated with Icon will more closely match the natural tooth enamel.  

What makes Icon an ideal option?

It is much less invasive and expensive than fillings or veneers. Also, this technology is suitable for children, as it can be done sooner than other cosmetic options like veneers, which require the patient to wait until growth is complete.

Who is a candidate?

For the treatment of white spot lesions (WSL), the surface enamel must be intact (meaning that there is no active decay). To halt tooth decay, the cavity must not have progressed beyond the first third of the dentinal layer.

How long does it last?

Research shows stability for at least 2 years, though may patients show good results for 6 or more years.

Is Icon covered by insurance? 

Yes and no. If the procedure is used to halt active decay, insurance will cover the service. However, if it is performed to remove white spot lesions, insurance companies will consider this procedure cosmetic and will likely not pay for it.

All of these services can be provided at Dr. King’s Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. We have a variety of tooth whitening options that can be used in conjunction with the Icon that Dr. King performs in the office. Feel free to contact us at (757) 464-6228 to schedule a consultation to see if you are a candidate for this revolutionary and life changing treatment.

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