Taking Care of Your Dentures-DOs And DONTs

Taking care of dentures is super important because they serve a vital function for you. If you wear dentures, maintaining them is part of oral care for you. To ensure your oral health is optimal, follow these dos and don’ts of denture maintenance:

DO take them out before you sleep

Try not to go to bed with your dentures in as both your mouth and the dentures, need a break. In fact, give your dentures a six hour break during the day. You can do this while you sleep or also when you’re engaged in activities that don’t require you to wear them. Doing so will help the tissues recover.

DO clean your dentures on the daily

When you take your dentures out, make sure you either soak them in a cleanser or lukewarm water, especially if there are any metal clasps. This helps keep bacteria away. Brushing your dentures like you would brush your teeth every day with a soft bristles brush is part of oral care. Use warm water and circular motions to make sure you get each part. Do this above a soft surface or spread a towel underneath to catch them if they fall.

DO remember to clean the rest of the mouth

This means you can’t neglect your gums, your tongue and even the roof of your mouth. These places still attract bacteria and gentle brushing will help you get rid of excess plaque and bacteria. If you have any natural teeth as well along with dentures, show them some love and floss and brush them regularly. 

Avoid using sharp objects

Don’t try to use toothpicks or metal scrapers to clean the dentures as they might damage them. Dentures can slip and you can end up hurting your gums or other mouth tissue. Even brushes with bristles that are too hard or toothpaste that is extra harsh can deteriorate the denture’s conditions.

Get your dentures stabilized by a professional dentist to avoid using adhesives and to improve your ability to chew and eat healthier.

Don’t be rough with the dentures

While you adjust to the dentures in your mouth, remember to be gentle and take smaller bites when you’re just getting used to them. Avoid eating things that are too hard or using a lot of pulling motions with the mouth as it can damage your dentures.

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