Signs You Need A Tooth Extraction

Contrary to popular belief, permanent teeth are not meant to last forever. 92% of adults 20 to 64 have had dental caries in their permanent teeth. There are number of reasons why you may need to get your tooth extracted as an adult, mostly due to a badly damaged tooth which is beyond repair. This may occur due to extensive trauma to the tooth or even decay.

A part of maintaining good oral health is to monitor the state of your teeth for potential issues. These can sometimes be easy to miss until the decay worsens. Regular visits to a dentist are helpful because dental screenings can catch decay earlier. Like most dental problems, tooth decay and subsequently an extraction of the tooth, can be easily avoided by professional teeth cleaning at the dentist.

By being wary of these blatant common signs for potential damage to your teeth, you can assess if you need a tooth extraction.

Overcrowding or impaction of teeth

Teeth that have shifted or erupted misaligned are called impacted teeth. Overcrowding in the teeth which occurs due to some teeth being too large to allow for other teeth to grow, can also call for tooth extraction.

Damage beyond repair

Extreme decay in teeth caused by accumulation of plaque can sometimes not be cured by any other treatment than extraction. Other forms of damage such as severely broken teeth in the event of accidents can also only be remedied through extraction.

Tooth or gum infection

Tooth decay which is left untreated for too long has the potential to spread to the pulp. An infection to the pulp puts surrounding teeth at risk of developing an infection as well. The treatment most popular in this case is a root canal, but with extensive damage, dentists suggest an extraction of the affected tooth.

Patients undergoing other treatments

Patients who have a potential risk of infection are also advised to undergo extraction. Patients who are undergoing chemotherapy have an immune system which is not strong enough to fight dental infections, especially if they have a cracked or broken tooth. To avoid unnecessary risks to the oral health of such a patient, dentists advise they opt for an extraction.

Tooth extraction in cases other than an emergency should only be carried out professionally after proper examination by a reliable orthodontist. For tooth extraction Virginia beach and other dental services, the dentists at Dr. King’s Family Dentistry provide pain free solutions to your dental problems. Contact us for more information.

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