Reasons Why You Should Not Wait For a Dental Emergency To Visit Your Dentist

We tend to take oral hygiene not as seriously and taking regular trips to the dentist is not a common practice. Statistics reveal that a large number of people that seek emergency dental services suffer from tooth decay that could have been easily prevented. While the trends for visiting rates to the dentist amongst the subpopulation of those aged between eighteen to forty four years old have shown a significant increase, there is still some apprehension amongst young adults to follow suit.  

The attitude towards dental emergencies is usually less urgent because we tend to think that the problem will subside with time. However, this is far from the truth. Tooth problems usually surface accompanied with some degree of pain, which is why it can be difficult to ignore them with time. But there is no need to let an oral disease flourish to the point where you set yourself up for an inconvenient and painful experience.

Dental problems are easily preventable

A lot of oral problems are easily preventable, especially if you visit a dentist who runs thorough screenings and radiographs to detect problems. Prevention is definitely better than cure in all medical and dental related problems which tend to escalate over time.

If you have Diabetes

You family history is usually a good indicator of possible medical conditions which persist and you are at the risk of developing as well. In this case, it is advised to let your dentist know at your earliest convenience.

For example, people who have diabetes are at the risk of developing gum disease. They also have a higher chance of contracting infections in the gums and the bones which hold teeth in place. This is because the blood flow to the gums becomes restricted.

If you are undergoing certain medical treatments

Those who undergo medical treatments like radiation or chemotherapy, or hormone replacement therapy in the case of women who are menopausal should also notify their dentists. They have the tendency to be at the risk of developing oral conditions and diseases as there are some estrogen receptors in the mouth.

If you are pregnant

Pregnant women also experience a number of dental issues, usually because of excess accumulation of plaque on the teeth. Their gums also become hyper sensitive and there is increased risk of tooth decay.

Pregnant women are advised to make regular visits to the dentist for teeth cleaning to avoid such issues.

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