Hate Flossing? X Alternates to Flossing You Can Try

An essential part of keeping your teeth clean and healthy is to clean between the teeth. This removes the plaque or else it can turn into tartar, which is even more challenging to get rid of. Hence, the emphasis by dentists on having a more regular flossing routine. 

But let’s be honest. How many of us remember to floss twice a day? Almost thirty percent of Americans have admitted that floss daily whereas a little over thirty-two percent have reported that they never floss.

If you are someone who falls in the latter category, then these alternates to flossing are going to be very useful to you.

Use a Floss pick instead

If you don’t even know where your flossing thread is and absolutely dread the thought of using a nylon thread, then don’t worry. Next time you’re at the grocery store, just pick up a box or two of floss picks.

These are toothpicks with a threaded attachment on one end, which means you don’t have to wrap it around your finger. These can only be used once and their very portable so you can use them anywhere!

Water Flossers

If the spaces between your teeth are too tight and a thread between them feels too painful, you can use a water flosser. These can be attached to a faucet in your bathroom or a container of water.

You can hold the flossing part between your teeth and simply turn it on. This will allow water to pass through your teeth in a pressure setting of your choice to remove plaque or other particles of food.

Inter-dental brushes

This tool is easier to use and is made of a flossing top with thin bristles and a handle which is easy to hold. People with mobility issues or pain in their joints, especially older adults, find this alternate more comfortable and less troublesome. Like toothbrushes, you don’t discard them after just one use, but you can keep them for a more extended amount of time, depending on how well you take care of it. This helps you cut down on generating waste with your lifestyle.

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