Can Pregnancy Cause Oral Problems?

Can Pregnancy Cause Oral Problems

Dental problems during pregnancy are quite common but they have nothing to do with the old wives’ tale that claims that women lose a tooth for every baby. There is no direct correlation between pregnancy and damage to teeth. However, the influx of hormones can impact how the body responds to the layer which forms on the teeth.

If a pregnant woman keeps up the intake of calcium during her term, the baby will receive plenty of calcium from the mother’s bones. Post breastfeeding the lack of calcium can be easily compensated.

The body goes through many changes during pregnancy and some dental problems may occur, but nothing is as severe which cannot be taken care of with proper hygiene and professional help.

Here are some of the most common oral health problems that can arise during pregnancy.


Gingivitis is a gum disease which is characterized by an inflammation of the gums. The gums can swell up and at times also start to bleed. They also become more sensitive to touch for example, when you brush or floss between the teeth. This usually happens after the sixth month of pregnancy.

Rapid tooth decay

Too many sugar cravings and carbohydrates intake during pregnancy can cause the enamel covering the teeth to decay. Dentists recommend vigilant oral hygiene by brushing your teeth regularly. In the case of experiencing a gag reflex, you can swish and spit after consuming sugary foods and then brush your teeth after half an hour.

Pregnancy tumors

Most women experience an overgrowth of tissues on their gums in the second trimester. There can also be increased swelling between the teeth due to excess plaque. These tumors are not cancerous in nature but have the tendency to bleed easily. You can ask your dentist to remove them if they cause too much discomfort.

Can you avoid these dental problems?

If you maintain good oral hygiene habits, you are less likely to have major dental issues when you are pregnant. Some habits to inculcate in your daily life including brushing your teeth at least two times a day with fluoride toothpaste. You should also floss before going to bed and make regular appointments with your dentist!

If you are planning your pregnancy any time soon, and also want to get an elective dental procedure, then visit your dentist before you conceive. Dental procedures which are not as urgent are put off till after the first three months of the pregnancy have passed.

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