All You Need To Know Before You Get Your Teeth Whitened

How many of us have looked at someone with a bright smile and envied them for having perfect white teeth? When we lose milk teeth and they’re replaced with adult permanent teeth, they tend to be pale grey or yellow.

Over time, due to our diet and other habits the enamel on the teeth can wear out, and it leaves behind a dull layer of behind. Foods like coffee, tea, grape juice or highly acidic fruits like tomatoes can leave behind stains. Smokers tend to also have a thicker layer of plaque on their teeth and this can get tougher to remove as time goes by.

Teeth whitening procedures have become extremely common as a solution to yellowing teeth. But there are some things you should be well-informed about regarding the procedure that will help you make the right decision of whether to get them for yourself or not.

 You might be more sensitive to the treatment than others

Depending on your lifestyle and needs, there are some teeth whitening approaches that may work on you more than on others. The way you react to the treatment will also differ. Some side effects that people tend to get are gum irritation, temporary sensitivity and pain in the teeth. It is always advised to opt for professional services for this treatment as it is safer and more reliable. You can always inquire about the products being used and in what quantity.

Does this treatment have permanent effects?

Teeth whitening treatments require after care on your part if you want the effects to last longer. You will require touch ups, depending on what kind of things you eat and how you maintain your oral hygiene. The results can last for months or years.

treatment for gum disease

Can everyone get teeth whitening done?

Most whitening procedures, whether DIY kits or professional treatments are safe, but some people might be advised against the procedures, depending on certain conditions. Pregnant women or those that are currently breastfeeding, children with baby teeth and people who have gum disease or naturally sensitive teeth should avoid this treatment.

Crowns, fillings and dead teeth are impervious  to whitening procedures.

You can reach out tot Dr. King’s Family dentistry for a quick professional teeth whitening Virginia Beach procedure in Virginia Beach. It takes one hour and requires the use of a laser. You can also benefit from a pre-treatment examination by our highly qualified dentists. Contact us now to book your appointment.  

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