4 Things Tooth Pain Can Mean

Most of us only take dental visits seriously when we start experiencing tooth pain, and some of us put it off even then. The most common characteristics of tooth pain are a throbbing ache in your gums, teeth, or even your ears. You can also get a fever or experience swelling in your gums or your mouth along with a lingering dull ache.

Tooth pain can cause hindrance in your daily activities because it can be challenging to eat. Your teeth might become extra sensitive to touch or even to sweet things. Your mouth might start smelling bad, and an uncharacteristic redness or pus may also begin to collect in your gums. These are all symptoms that accompany tooth pain and should not be taken lightly.

If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, don’t wait for things to get worse or try to treat it on your own, immediately seek professional help. At our clinic, our friendly staff does a thorough checkup of our patients to help them feel comfortable and to make sure you have a pain-free treatment.

So what can different kinds of tooth pain mean?

Cavities Due to Tooth Decay

Cavities on the enamel are the most common consequence of tooth decay. Plaque that remains on teeth for excessive periods can start eroding the tooth enamel, and it starts to feed off food in your mouth. Eventually, it can eat through the entire enamel covering and create a cavity. Cavities can cause sensitivity in teeth.


An infection in the gums can be very painful. The most common disease is gingivitis, which causes gums to become swollen and appear red. A gum infection left untreated for too long can cause other kinds of oral health problems, most commonly, periodontal disease.

A Condition Called Bruxism

If you have a lot of anxiety and continuously clench your jaws or if you have the habit of grinding your teeth, you can unknowingly cause tooth pain. Both these activities for prolonged periods can make your teeth extra sensitive. This can lead to tooth pain or even facial pain. This can end up disturbing your roommates or loved ones. It can also be a sign for other sleep disorders.


An infection can lead to pockets being formed inside the teeth. These pockets contain a lot of bacteria as well as pus. These are called abscess, and they occur after the pulp inside the tooth dies. It’s important to give immediate attention to tooth damage and to treat them quickly or else bacteria can find their way the hole of crack.

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