4 Effective Ways to Prevent Cavities

Who knew having ice cream could be so painful?

The last time you had a bowl of your favorite Rocky Road, the pain was… intense, to say the least. Upon closer inspection, you notice that your teeth are a bit brown on the edges.

Is it something you ate, or are these the symptoms of something worse?

The answer is simple: cavities!

Dealing with Cavities the Right Way

Before you start feeling embarrassed about having cavities, know that you’re not alone. Virtually every American has dealt with some sort of tooth decay; that’s very concerning.

Cavities are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dental caries. Aside from impacting your dental hygiene, cavities also cause problems for your overall health. So if you value your overall health, it’s important to take the right steps to treat your existing cavities and prevent any in the future!

1. Manage Your Diet

Just like you’d take care of your heart by eating heart-healthy food,  you need to incorporate foods in your diet that protect your teeth, like fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, unsweetened coffee and sugar-free gum.

Moreover, switch your bottled water for tap water while you’re at it. The fluoride in the water will re-mineralize your choppers and will promote saliva production.

2. Brush Well

There’s a difference between brushing and brushing! The first is haphazardly running a brush over your teeth for about 30 seconds before rinsing. The second is applying gentle pressure to your gums, placing your brush at a 45-degree angle and moving the brush up and down, back and forth—in short strokes. Follow the second technique and do so twice a day.

3. Floss

Brushing only helps you clean two sides of your teeth. What about the surfaces on either side? Make it a habit to floss in the morning and night. It will take a minute longer. But in the long run, this extra minute will be worth it.

4. Make Dental Visits a Part of Your Routine

You’ve read it once; you’ve read it a thousand times. And yet, not many people make regular trips to the dentist. In fact, they’re not even following the rules of basic dental hygiene! With regular dental visits at least every six months, your dentist will be able to keep any dental issues you’re having at bay. Who knows, these consistent visits might even help you understand the nature of your gums and teeth!

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