Month: June 2024

Better patient care with endodontics.
What Is Endodontics? What You Need to Know About How It Is Revolutionizing Patient Care
You’ve likely heard of endodontics, but may not realize what this branch of dentistry involves. Endodontic care focuses on the pulp tissue inside teeth, along with the tissue surrounding tooth roots. Endodontic treatments are highly effective at saving natural teeth in cases of serious decay and infection, providing the best immediate and long-term outcomes for…
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Know the signs of oropharyngeal cancer.
Signs of Oropharyngeal Cancer and What To Do About It
What is oropharyngeal cancer? Oropharyngeal cancer is a type of head and neck cancer that affects the pharynx or oropharynx. It is differentiated from oral cancer based on its location. It accounts for roughly 15,000 new cancer cases each year and has a 5 year overall survival rate of between 60% and 68%. What causes…
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